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How to finish the old hinges again

Although painted hinges may be fashionable in some applications, they are a complicated problem for those who prefer simple lacquer. So how do you do with removing paint and returning to basics? There are many techniques for removing paint and refining regular rusty hinges. So before you make this wrist strapped unobtrusive, check out some of the cost-effective methods that you can do more than just another trip to the warehouse.

Removing paint from the hinges

To remove paint, old type cures are often a trick. Fill a bowl with water (preferably one that is not cooked) and low boiling. Leave the wrist straps until the toner becomes softer and then gently remove the gloves and the pliers as the hinges will be extremely hot. Use grease, plastic scraper and a wire or soft bristle brush (some people find wires that can scratch the hinges), remove excess paint.

Other techniques for removing paint include liquid stripper and brush for cleaning paint

Removal of rust

Paint is not the only thing that should be replaced by the hinges during refinishing. Often, a wrist strap has a significant rust layer – in order to reuse the wrist, existing rust can not be too thick. If the rust has already fallen on the hinge, it may not be possible to save it. However, moderate surface rust can be safely removed and the hinge can be effectively reused.

Before trying to remove rust, it's important to know what metal the hinge is. Since brass does not rust when meeting a rusty wrist, brass can easily be excluded. However, brass is oxidized, resulting in greenish patina – a simple brass cleanser is effective in removing accumulation.

If the hinges are made of steel, the rust will be brown. To remove rust, soak the wrist strap with engine oil or vegetable oil for several days. Before grinding, it may be useful to use a wire brush that will stop the rust. Then remove the residual rust using sandpaper until the hinges appear glistening.


If the old coating (rust, varnish or paint) has been removed, the refining process will commence. It is important to protect the wrist strap from future rust, so you can wear useful gloves during the finishing process to protect the oils from the skin to the hinge. After the wrist strap is clean and ready, secure the wrist strap with a primer. It's a good idea to include multiple layers to make sure the hinge is fully coated. Once the primer is set, a polyethylene coating, a metal enamel or lacquer should be used. Not only does the top layer close the primer and prevent corrosion, but the wrist strap will have a nice, easy finish.

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