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How to choose the best human services software

In previous articles we explored the possibility of teleworking in human services and non-profit agencies. In this article, we are familiar with the services that are essential to successful teleworking for human services professionals (as well as professionals in the more traditional environment).


While human mission missions and non-profit can be similar, there are differences in laws and practices that need to be followed in the country. Software solutions for human agency agencies need to be tailor-made to meet the needs of individual agencies. In addition, a user-friendly interface should be created from which information is easily accessed and organized.

Simple Access

When selecting products such as software for managing files, etc. a product that is easily accessible to various devices – PC or MAC, iPads or Android Tablets or smart phones. The ability to access and manage files on different platforms enables employees to access files more easily and to be able to emerge from emergencies. Increasing mobility and access to them through a web platform is usually the way.

Stability and Support

When employees work from home, computer support for technical support increases significantly. This can be further complicated by the remote nature of the device. In a nutshell, the more complex the system, the more likely it is to some degree of failure at a certain level. This can be extremely frustrating for everyone. Since most people are not technical support gurus, it is important to have a resource person who is well trained in various programs and troubleshooting the various gremlins on their surface in the technology world – usually a deadline! In the absence of a technical guru, it is important for your human services software to be an active (and useful) technical support department of your company, where advice and solutions are easily accessible

. it is important that the person responsible for selecting the software product should be a person who knows the various needs of the particular agency. Few for a good man who never grabbed the dress to decide which clothes to sew. Software products must be able to grow with an agency and meet their short-term and long-term needs.

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