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How the game was changed on PlayStation

In the early nineties, Nintendo was the undisputed king in the video game industry. SEGA tried to compete with the NES and SNES home consoles between the Master System and Mega Drive, and while the latter was much better than the previous ones, Nintendo was still firmly in the first place after all sales were counted. As soon as the SNES and the Mega Drive generation were released, SEGA started playing with the idea of ​​using CDs instead of the cartridges even when it released the Sega CD Extension for Mega Drive.

For Nintendo, it also dabbled in CD technology. They talked with Sony, who are famous about their work on CDs and their accompanying hardware to help them build a CD drive for SNES. Sony sought time and money from the gaming industry and building prototypes, but negotiations between the two Japanese companies have stopped. Depending on whom you are asking, Nintendo secretly agreed with another company and let Sony know at the last minute or Sony has asked for too much money and Nintendo looted the deal. Whatever is true, the result was still the same; Sony was on their ears on the SNES CD. Although this business did not work for anyone, it became clear that the gaming industry had chosen the CD as the media choice.

Sony decided to work with Nintendo, console and enter the bite; the PlayStation was named and released in 1994, about two years after Nintendo released the next big console. No one expected Sony to ultimately take Nintendo as the world's most popular console manufacturer and start the industry's 20 years of dominance.

One of the most important reasons why Sony was so successful at the original PlayStation, from the console. Before PlayStation, almost every game console was about kids. Sony made a decisive move to specifically targeting young adults in marketing, so PlayStation found their faith among Nintendo consoles, but now they wanted something more and grown up.

Sony is the PlayStation for nightclubs and celebrities support the console or take a picture. Games usually started to be increasingly adult, and new titles such as Tomb Raider were completely cooler than Mario or Zelda. Finally, Sony took out a hobby that was commonly seen as a child and many were openly looted and helped to get to the most respected medium that we see today. Though it would be foolish to say that it was the kindness of their heart – a lot of money was spent on accepting the game in public – we can not ignore what they did. Sony released the game.

When the time came for the next big Nintendo console, the N64, the company surprised many people when it announced that it was using CD instead of CD. The logic behind the decision is quite understandable; CDs are much easier for the pirate than the cartridges, and they feared that the use of the CDs will make a lot of money due to copied games. The adherence with the cartridges and Nintendo's two-year development time with N64 caused the system to be stronger on PlayStation and the loading time virtually did not exist. The cartridges had a disadvantage – gambling was even more difficult to develop, meaning the N64 is struggling with storage, music quality, and FMV.

Squaresoft has long been working with Nintendo for all previous Final Fantasy games for Nintendo consoles. But if you want to see extra storage CDs, he knew that the boundaries of production values ​​were with higher cutting scenes, the Square jumped and decided to create the Final Fantasy VII in the PlayStation Final Fantasy series.

You can not overestimate the importance of Final Fantasy VII. As RPGs, they introduced millions of players to their first Japanese role-playing, and the later popularity of the genre meant that the mechanical role-playing began to filter virtually every other genre. Currently there are RPG systems in FIFA.

But like the Final Fantasy VII, it was important to the games, even more important for Sony. Final Fantasy was in great trouble in Japan, and the move to PlayStation meant that console sales went to Sony's home and the console's position was attributed to the likes of JRPGs. In subsequent years, PlayStation will feature dozens of high-end JRPGs, and still remembers the Golden Age of this genre. What was even more surprising was that Final Fantasy VII was also received outside Japan.

Although the Final Fantasy series was quite popular among players around the world, Final Fantasy VII became a phenomenon. Thanks to stunts, contagious rumor and a serious marketing campaign, Final Fantasy VII was a huge success, which meant more to the industry than just a few impressive sales figures. Players covered the story of Cloud and Sephiroth and are more hungry, JRPG's sales are usually up. Final Fantasy became the premier brand and future versions of the series have become events that players anticipated.

Final Fantasy VII was also impressive – for timescales that would not have been possible if Squaresoft was the N64. The quality of the Final Fantasy VII FMV sequence was one of the most important talking points around the game, and the film experience associated with the title by Squaresoft was something that other games are still replicating.

Thank you very much for Final Fantasy VII. PlayStation played a major role in the gaming industry, and from then on things were just better. The technically advanced N64 boosts the increased storage capacity of the PlayStation disks and the quality and quality of music and video available to developers. Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider simply did not work on the N64, and all of them have become important selling points for Sony's console. In addition, Nintendo did not respond to such games, but rather tried and tested games such as Mario and Zelda.

Although the quality of Nintendo 's games was still as high as ever,. Whether or not to underestimate Sony's threat to competitors or to detect the impact of CDs on the industry, Nintendo finally considered second place as another gaming company. By the end of the generation, N64 sold 32 million units while PlayStation sold more than 100 million sales.

At a later stage in the generation, with the N64 controller that gave an analog stick, Sony released the first Dual Shock controller and changed the game forever. Nintendo has made a smart move on the analog stick in its controller, as the 3D game should be more accurate than the conventional D-pad. But Sony took the idea and made some excitement. An analogue stick can be used to control the player character and an analogue stick that can be controlled by the camera and redefining the game mode. Both Microsoft and Nintendo have copied this approach and now the control system is so general that the 3D game looks uncomfortable before the dual analogue time period.

Nostalgia can play as a console referee in Nintendo; they were the inventors who went unnoticed. But Sony was the company that used it for exploring the gaming industry to date. PlayStation is already the number one brand of video games at Nintendo.

One of the reasons for this is the success of the original PlayStation console. The first steps in 3D games could have been embarrassing, but as soon as the basics were dropped, the console game changed forever. PlayStation helped create a clever marketing mix by changing people's perception and some of the key concessions that become one of the world's biggest players.

Today, the original PlayStation remembers a console that has changed the game for many people. Regardless of whether Final Fantasy VII is the first RPG, Metal Gear Solid is the action movie they've been playing or Silent Hill scared the pants, PlayStation was a very important moment in the history of the video game and a console, an incredible game directory.

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