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If you like a lot of people, you have an old, two, two days that saw better days. Or maybe you like weekends when selling flea markets and garages that are looking for treasures or some kind of hits. The antique and vintage booths can really steal, especially if they are buried in old paint or finished layers. Most people do not want to interfere with stripping and refining jobs, but you can do a business when you see one. A small elbow grease (okay, maybe a lot of elk grease) and some new drawer pulls, and there will be a piece of it that pays ten times what you paid.

Of course, the cabinet does not have to be old or valuable enough to take advantage of the face restoration, and the real secret to changing the kitchen cloth is on the hardware. It's as simple as dragging an old drawer or replacing buttons and they can be found in any hardware store or home repair center. When working with a wardrobe, which is basically a combination of a wardrobe and cabinet, you can still find the appropriate cabinet grips and hinges.

Simply change drawer drawer and buttons on the wardrobe

A simple task by pulling the box. Just feel like a screwdriver and start. Most home hardware such as drawer drawers and cabinet handles are fitted with Phillips head screws, but if there is an antique piece, the screws have only one slot. It's important to note that the drawer draws on two slots, while the buttons are usually only one. While replacing the drawer, you want to make sure that the new drags have the same holes.

Describe the length of the old screws. If the new ones are too long or too short, you can always replace them with the correct size screws. Make sure you have the same thread size and diameter to fit the new drawer or buttons. If you really change the style completely and the holes will not recover with your new hardware, try to find a suitable back cover. The decorative backs allow you to create completely new holes while discovering the old ones.

Home Theater Makes Kitchen Parts Versatile

Using the cabinet handle and drawing the drawer, you can use the same home hardware you use in the kitchen and bathtub. If you are looking for a modern, sleek look, find the stainless steel cabinet grips and handles. They will work the same way in the kitchen and look good. And keep in mind that changing rooms are not just for bedrooms.

Do you need some extra storage in the tub? Take a small drawer drawer with stainless steel cabinet grips. Great location for extra towels, showers and beauty products, hair dryers and rollers.

Take an older wardrobe and a flea market table and chair, and paint all things to suit. Replace the drawer in the kitchen cabinet, add a treadmill and just set up a buffet and dining set. Dressmakers, whether old or new, are versatile in furniture that fit into almost every room in your home. What makes them even more versatile, almost unlimited cabinet handles and drawstring kits are available. So the next time your garage is selling wheels and spying on the lonely director, think about home and let your fantasy rise!

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