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How did computers develop – the history and generation of the computer

The development of computers is dramatic and dramatic. Computers existed in the early 1950s, but people could not use them. When you mention the computer word, most people only think of the desktop computer, but in reality the computer starts with the calculator.

Therefore, the computer can be defined as an electronic device that issues, processes, and transmits information. In the case of a calculator, when 1 + 1 = 2 copies are added, now input data will be 1 + 1, this data processing will be processed to give us 2. Now A 2 is the process information that is the output.

The first computers invented were very large, slow and time-consuming, with limited capabilities. The history of computers and the different phases since they emerged from the first computer, the first-generation computers were ABACUS computers that were limited by their capabilities

The first generation of the early 1940s was developed by architects in bulk electronic value. They were vacuum tubes and, without fail, first-generation computers were placed in second-generation computers that were better than first-generation computers to perform electronic computing but were slim, the second generation of the ABM 7000 series

Since the computer was constantly evolving in generations, as people had more knowledge about them and the invention was constantly better, resulting in the third computer generation being realized, this computer generation was powerful as the first and second generation computers and use an integrated circuit usually IC -Kent. An example of third-generation computers was the IBM 360 Series.

Third-generation computers in computer history led to the fourth generation, thanks to this generation, electronic functionality was getting better, more efficient and enjoyable with relatively fewer errors than the previous computer. And this is the computer used during our daily activity. Integrated circuits are used for their day-to-day operation. The fourth-generation computer leads to the fifth generation of computers that will be stronger and able to learn from people. This is known as artificial intelligence, in some cases robots are used to perform certain things that people did.

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