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How can you use the Kindle text for speech features on your computer?

The Amazon Kindle, the most popular e-reader, enables e-books to be stored and read anywhere. Additionally, it allows wireless access to the internet and the Kindle Store to buy and download multiple e-books directly to your device.

From Kindle 2 to an amazing Text-to-Speech, usually abbreviated TTS, this feature allows you to read traditional e-books readily, essentially converting their books into audio books. The TTS feature allows you to listen to audible versions of magazines, newspaper articles, documents, and blogs. More and more Kindle users have realized that this is a very useful feature of the Kindle.

Unfortunately, there are a number of restrictions on the Kindle TTS feature. You can not read all the books on Kindle, because publishers can block their books.

2nd The sound quality is not good. We believe that human sounds are naturally sounding, but the Kindle sounds are robust

. There are only two voices available for selection: a man and a woman.

4th Other languages ​​except English.

5th This is uncomfortable for long-term users of this computer.

Fortunately, there is a similar Text-to-Speech technology that avoids these limitations on personal computers. All you have to do is download and install a piece of software and then your PC will be a talking computer that is far better than the Amazon Kindle!

The Text-to-Speech software allows you to smoothly any type of text with natural-sounding speech or even MP3 audio files. You can directly listen to your computer or create sound files on portable devices such as iPods, Pocket PCs and CD players.

Supporting Different Text File Formats

Most TTS software can open and play Word Documents, emails, web pages, PDF files, and other text files. In addition, the Watch Clipboard feature is a universal feature that allows you to receive and hear text from any other application.

Right Now and More Speech

Nowadays, there are a wealth of high-quality voice over the Internet in many languages, including English, English, Spanish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, , Korean, Russian, etc. TTS software. And buy the famous AT & T Natural Voices and experience and the best natural-sounding computer synthesized speech.

With the Amazon Kindle Read-to-Me feature you can only increase or decrease the speed of speech. For comparison, PC TTS software lets you adjust speed, pitch, volume, and custom pronunciation. Additionally, adding advanced speech control tags can increase speech synthesis technology to a new level. For example, in the same article, the first paragraph can be played with a male voice and the second paragraph can be read with a female voice, one click, no delay, as well as with a similar voice.

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