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High Density Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

To calculate the high density web size, a completely different approach is needed for cooling, or rather for lack of cooling and external air use. Similarly, there is a different approach to power management and installation. this article focuses on power distribution inside the rack. There are many approaches to this, and one such procedure is described below

Recommended Procedure to Follow:

1. The AC-3 phase is mandatory for high density. Effective and scalable. Challenges such as balancing the load in the A-B-C phases of a three-phase circuit

2. High density outputs (HDOs) are required. Standard outputs cannot be used because they lead to a problem with form factors such as cable management, operating problems or standard outputs that simply use expensive width in the rack area

3. The alternating phases in the outputs solve the problems of balancing the A-B-C phases on a 3-phase circuit. Better to balance the phases in the rack rather than in the upstream facility, RPP, floor PDU, or even the floor.

4th Measuring the load configuration is important at several intervals. There are several ways to solve this problem: software, hardware, input measurement, etc. The use of IPMI interfaces for recording such information is better, more agile and more granular

5. Network cabinets have denser port numbers.

6th Network cabinets require less outlets but require more energy. The 10G, 40G, 100G and even 400G connections, which grow quite fast, provide multiple ports. Power must also be superfluous. A network cabinet error is much more expensive than a server / calculation level error

7. High-density pin cabinets can reduce the number of pin boxes by placing the busway neater and placing a lot of circuits in a single rack. With these high-level aspects in mind, here are some unique solutions.

first 35.2KW 0U high density 108 output rack PDU configuration for cabinet

2. 8.8KW 2U High Density 24 Output Rack PDU Configuration for Network Cabinet

3. 8.8KW 1U High Density 12 Output Rack PDU Configuration for Network Cabinet

There are fundamental challenges to running times, time inventory, and the ability to deploy them globally in different configurations. The best solution would be to store the units in large quantities of at least 400 units


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