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Hide the future IP address software

Why do you need information?

In my humble opinion, today there are three major Internet problems:
1) People want to be anonymous on the Internet.
address software, hide ip software, anonymizers etc.

2) The government needs information about Internet users to control criminals.
All web servers are asked. owners collect information about users.

3) Distributors are looking for new ways to collect customer information.
This is one of the best and effective steps to promote online business.

Many organizations, however, protect users; against the collection of personal data via the Internet. Some recommend tools for hiding the ip address.

Hide IP Address Software Research

In recent years, many hidden IP address software has been released. They provide free and paid services. The most famous and widespread IP addressing software for anonymous surfing are: Anonymizer (, Private Web Access (, Onion Router ( and Aixs (aixs) .net / aixs /).

But the fact is that these services do not provide what they say. I want to use Richard M. Smith's research to present it. Internet consultant from Boston. He tested the most famous hidden IP addresses in the software listed above. You only used popular tools that many web servers use. It has shown that we need to use these tools and the "Internet Explorer" and "Netscape Navigator" errors of the browsers to compromise the hiding of "ip address software".

Smith opened a page for this experiment and installed all the famous ip address addresses. He then only sent news to the news libraries. He used 6 different tests to identify the level of anonymity of services using Java, JavaScript, and Active X. The test showed that all 4 ip-address software that provided anonymous surfing failed and showed the user's real IP address. According to Smith, it is less than an hour to show 4 most reliable services.

Next Generation Software

Do you know the software that could protect you from everything in Net? If you know, please let me know. As for me, I don't know for sure.

A lot of information can be stolen when surfing the Internet:
– emails sent and received;
– all completed web forms (password, login, credit card number);
– keywords placed in search engines;
– others.
All information is available to the owner of each web resource on the Internet.

E-mail Talk

Do You Have an Email Address? (eg name (@) Do you know that you are using one of the company's web servers for free mail? Nothing is free, you know.

The information sent and received through the server will remain for a while. They have enough time to analyze what they are writing about our e-mails and carefully place an ad on a letter you send to your friend.

Don't notice for this reason. But ask your friend about this.

Troubled Authorities
Many organizations are really worried about Internet anonymity problems.

Remember the same problem in the "Freedom" project ( Austin Hill and colleagues from Zero Knowledge have been invited to go to government action as they launched this project. In the last months of the year, various office members had to present their product: RCMP – "Royal Canadian Police" (US FBI Analogue), CSE (like US NSA) and CSIS – Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (like the CIA). An informal meeting was also held with the Ministry of Justice (computer crime control department).

In the course of history, it has happened in many cases that companies of similar actions radically changed their policies and relaxed their systems during their permissions. pressure. This is the reason why natural intimidation in the Internet society has arisen due to the reality of the future stable work of the anonymous service. pressure.

Many hidden IP addresses, according to a software developer, do not violate any law to provide anonymity for citizens living in the digital age, just like the usual paper and pencil list they gave in antiquity. You must have the right to have your personal information private. They need to know that they have to hide the IP address and hide the IP address of anonymous surfing and anonymous e-mails.

To sum up, we can remember the expression of a famous lawyer about the difference between a free state and a totalitarian. When formulating words in free national law, machines must cause problems with access to personal information of citizens. If there is no problem, then this country is fascist.

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