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Hardware Requirements for Windows Vista

Microsoft has created two classifications to help ensure that your computer is able to run Windows Vista: Vista Capable and Vista Premium Ready at least 800MHz CPU, 512 MB system memory, 20 GB hard drive, 15 GB free space and DirectX 9 class graphics card. The computer that meets the above requirements will be able to run all versions of Windows Vista, but it can not access the layers, glass effects, and other special features of the new Aero user interface without updating the graphics hardware. As most stores sell the DVD version of Windows Vista, it is advisable to install a DVD-ROM drive, though Microsoft claims that the CD-ROM version will be available.

Vista Premium Ready has at least 1GHz CPU, 1GB system memory, 40GB hard drive, at least 15GB of free space, and an Aero-compatible graphics card that supports the new Windows Display Driver Model, with at least 128 MB of built-in memory. A compliant computer will be able to take advantage of the "high-end" features of Windows Vista, and generally provide a more enjoyable experience for transparencies, window animations, and other eye candles.

Microsoft from Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor to determine if your computer is capable of running different versions of Vista. This utility works only on computers running Windows XP or Windows Vista

These are "official" minimum requirements, but for a moment we look at what hardware you really need to enjoy Windows Vista

Over the last 3 years, literally, thousands of I have upgraded my computer and did not recommend Windows Vista to anyone who uses a CPU that is slower than 1GHz. The CPU is so slow, it is very likely that the memory's maximum memory will be 1GB (especially for notebooks). I suggest you stick to Windows XP and upgrade to at least 1 GB of system memory and enjoy the experience or see how to purchase a new computer with preinstalled Vista.

If you have at least 1Ghz CPU on your computer, it's all about installing Windows Vista, but do not mess with the recommended 512 MB of RAM. Consider 1GB of RAM for absolute minimum and 2GB for sweetness. If you are a powerful user, we strongly recommend that you consider the 4 GB of installed RAM as the goal of maximum experience, but only if you have a modern CPU (Core Duo 1.8 GHz or higher) and a graphics card ( 256 MB on-

When Windows Vista arrives, some claim that Microsoft has picked or exceeded Apple in the UI, but the hardware requirements are certainly steep. Like Windows XP and most Windows operating systems , installing a good memory size will provide a pleasant experience and ultimately extend the useful life of your computer.

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