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Hardware Requirements for iPhone Application Development

Developing iPhone applications contains minimal hardware requirements without which iPhone programming can not start. This small guide lists the essential hardware for iPhone development, and mentions alternatives wherever possible.

Mac Machine

One of the first hardware that any bass iPhone developer needs to get an Intel-based Mac or Mac book because iPhone applications can only be developed with the Apple X operating system. Does this mean that non-Intel-based Macs can not be used for iPhone application development? Yes, right away.

Does a Power PC Mac work on developing iPhone?

The Power PC Mac will work but the output will be slow, say the least, and result in extremely low productivity. The iBook will be worse, so you better stick to a powerful Intel-based Mac PC to develop iPhone applications. However, if you still want to use PowerPC, make sure that Leopard 10.5.4 or higher is available.

Old or new Mac?

While both will work, a new dual-core Mac needs to be galvanized, and when the development of iPhone is tight, you want to spin and not jog, right? However, you can choose between the Mac Book (or Mac Mini) and the Mac PC, as both XCode and Interface Builder run smoothly on both machines. Whether you choose any Mac, make sure you have at least 2GB of RAM for smooth performance.


iPhone applications can be developed using the iPhone Simulator included with the iPhone SDK (Software Development Kit). you want to test the application's GPS features or access the Internet within the app. In such cases, the iPhone simulator is not enough and has no other option than buying an iPhone. But if you can do it in some way without the GPS and the internet, the iPhone simulator will only be fine for iPhone application development.

After this minimal hardware is ready, you're all set to create great iPhone applications and games

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