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Free software to use

This is a theme many people ask, so here is a list of free windows programs that can replace more expensive programs.



] avast! Antivirus – I've been using avast for 2 years and it works better than the antivirus programs used in the past. This does not include resources such as Norton and actively investigate network traffic and emails.

General tools:

OpenOffice – Open Office is a project supported by Sun Microsystems. The OpenOffice project is a collection that can replace the Microsoft Office suite. All OpenOffice programs that have Microsoft client computers allow you to save the Microsoft format to open on OpenOffice and Microsoft Office.

Adware Tools:

AdAware – AdAware is a program that removes everything you find. It works very well and I have personally used it for many years. Zip / Compression Tools: Winace XAcePlus – XAcePlus can Zip / Unzip ACE, ARJ, CAB, LHA, LZH, JAR, RAR, ZIP and SFX files

Image editing tools:

GIMP – my image editing There is a learning curve like Photoshop and it will not have all the features of Photoshop yet it is very close and taking into account the free, really no question for most people.

Network Tools:

LogMeIn – I use logmein every day to work. LogMeIn is a fully-automated remote desktop application (does not require any routing configuration, no need to open and ports) that allows you to check any computer on which the software is installed from another computer that has an Internet Explorer for the only computer, which logmein software is running.) Probably this is the whole post your best program!

Hamachi – This software is done with the same company as LogMeIn. This is an automatically configured VPN program that allows you to create a network and then enable all computers installing the program (with different security settings). Computers connected to the network (even if they are in different countries) will be able to access folders belonging to other computers in the network as if they were in the same LAN.

Temperature Monitoring

MBM – This software can monitor all computer components including hard disk temperature, processor temperature, fan speed, hard disk speed, and so on

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