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Free Screen Recorder Software

I would like to talk about the various types of free-screen software, also known as screencasting software, what this is, what it is doing, how to use it and what's for people.

I'm sure you've seen videos on YouTube and other places where people record their computers. Get a video of what you see on your computer monitor.

Screen capture video is one of the best ways to share operating instructions for a variety of things, no matter how you develop a software, how to use your business's mass storage, and more, and so much more.

I make a lot of screen capture videos in my business, as you can see on my YouTube channel and blog. This is just a good way to add personalization to blog posts!

It's a fantastic way to even have a video ad, even if your camera is extremely shy because you do not have to put your own face on the camera – unless you choose it. Most screencasting software has the ability to record your computer monitor and webcam simultaneously so your viewers can still see you.

And if you're afraid of the camera, you just pause the choice or decide not to launch the software webcam part.

Screecasting is an easy way to provide "one" education and training without physically being the home of another person. So yes, the days are gone when you physically have to teach someone!

Using this type of video makes it simpler than trying to capture images on the other person's screen while step-by-step on the phone you are trying to teach them.

I remember when I was working and if I had a problem with my computer then technical assistance would initiate a program where I literally take over my computer. Very odd!

While sitting there and doing nothing, your computer is almost working on its own! GoToMyPC or Citrix is ​​a device that is still around to provide remote access to your or anyone else's computer.

But if you do not have access to your computer to get instructions or the other person is not content to have anyone remotely access your computer, screen mediation and video sharing are the next best choice.

So what free disk software are there? Here's a couple that many merchants see as new marketers:

  1. Jing. Jing is free with an optional paid invoice, but you have to download it for use with the software. I used it before, but it was a bit hard to learn and get used to, so I did not use it.
  2. Camtasia. You have a free trial with Camtasia, but you have to download the software. Personally, Camtasia is a little darling for my needs.
  3. CamStudio. Camstudio is a free open source software, but must be downloaded to use it.

My Choice is the Best Free-Screen Admission Software Screencast-O-Matic.

What I really like about this program does not have to download anything to use it! Simply create a free bill, sign in and start recording. The interface is super easy to learn and use.

With a free account, you get a "watermark" in the lower left corner of the screen from the Screencast-O-Matic logo. But it is not so invasive that it does not adversely affect the feeling of video; the videos are no less professional than the watermark.

You can upgrade to the Pro account for $ 15 per year, which is so cheap that it is almost everyone's budget.

The Pro account I used before and renewed does not capture the watermark videos and can record more than 15 minutes of video. The free account can be limited to 15 minutes per video.

So, if you're looking for great free-screen software that will not download anything for you, I'd suggest you jump to and sign up for Screencast-O-Matic!

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