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Free Catamaran Boat Hull Designs

How would you set up a catamaran hull? If you want to go on the DIY route (this would be my offers), you will need some sophisticated catamaran-hull design software. And you may think that only professionals can afford the software they need to plan design, make the necessary calculations, and make plans. There are a lot of shipbuilding companies who plan plans for a catamaran and are likely to have a good impact on it, but they can not avoid the fact that they are expensive. After all, you will pay an experienced designer salary for several days.

Open Source

Well, you can forget the professional designers. Believe it or not, it is possible to buy a sophisticated, yet versatile and intuitive software for less than $ 50. But maybe you should ask why I would like to make my own plans?

Well, if you look like something to me, you want your last message to plan everything you're going to build. You will find that making your own software's own ideas realistic allows experimentation, comparisons between potential options, and simply dazzling any of your ideas. And then it's probably going to be a lot.

When you finally settle down on a catamaran ship design, you are happy, you know you know that he appreciated all the possibilities. This can not happen when someone else commits this. Give them the shorts and run away and try to interpret your ideas. That's not how I want to do it.


You may think "I have no experience in catamaran planning". Well, that may be true. Not even when I started, but crime has knowledge of boats and ship design. You probably have more background knowledge and experience than you would think. Experience in the background and the user-friendliness of the state-of-the-art hull design software, and a great collection of hydrostatic and waterproof calculations mean that catamarans are not only one of the most satisfying things to do, but this is also the most sensitive.


Now I said catamarans are planning for free – what are they talking about? Well, the fact that once you get a little experience in catamaran design, you can really sell it to others. I sold a tire to a member of the yacht club for $ 30, and some cat litter for a guy on my street for $ 25. This has easily covered the cost of software. OK, I know a little twisted, but still $ 5 in the deal!

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