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Flip Video Camera Software Features

While the Flip Camcorder is extremely easy to use, the software embedded in the camera is still very useful and in this article I would like to look at the four current features that the new camcorder

Important to highlight before starting the software for Flip your camcorder, and when you connect the camera to your computer, the software will automatically pop up. This includes a version for PCs and a version for Macs, so any computer you use does not have to worry about Flip Video software.

After opening, you can see videos that are currently on the camera and play inside the software to make it easier to judge which videos to save and delete.

The left navigation of the software also includes the simple navigation menu that links to the four main areas

These are:

Saving Videos – The first option allows you to transfer videos from one place to another, such as cameras to video or reverse. The process is incredibly easy if you just select the location of the videos to wan to access, highlight the specific video clips and then select the save button. Videos will move according to instructions.

Sharing videos – Use these options to upload videos from different social networks such as Facebook and YouTube. Simply select the videos you want to upload, then select the site you want to upload. Finally, enter some basic details about your account (username, password, etc.), and your videos will be automatically uploaded to others to enjoy.

Film Making – This is probably the weakest in my opinion as long as the video is edited with the Flip camcorder. Of course, make it clear that third-party software applications can be used for editing (like Windows Movie Maker), but it's pure "editing" element for softeare pre-installed in the Flip Video Camera

What basically allows you to add a lot of existing video clips, "stick them to a long clip, then copy the music in the background if necessary, or if you do not want anything, special video effects.

The results are just fun – it's unlikely to do so you can use the software multiple times in my opinion and it is unlikely to give you what you want to show to your family and friends 19659002] For a professional look, check out the Sony Vegas Movie Studio, which is generally accepted as the most suitable "amateur" video editor s oftver that most users swear

Delete Videos – It's no surprise that this feature simply lets you choose which videos you want to delete.

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