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Fix Windows Server 2008 Boot Device

If a boot loader on a Windows Server 2008 machine is damaged or deleted for any reason, it is indeed a tedious process to improve it. My boot loader was deleted in some way while resizing the partitions. After web washing, I could not find anything about reinstalling the Windows Server 2008 boot loader. I found only the instructions for restoring the Windows Vista boot loader, but luckily, Server 2008 is similar.

In the manual, I suppose that the installation is C:

Insert the Server 2008 Installation CD into the DVD-ROM .

In the command line, use the following commands:


cd boot

Select your computer and then open the command

bootsect / nt60 c: / force / mbr bootrec / rebuildbcd

After you use the "bootrec / rebuldbcd" command, you are prompted to install Windows. Accept the installation and wait for the process to complete. After this has been done, restart the computer and boot loader must be ready

If there is no "boot" folder in C: drive, copy the "boot" folder from the Windows installation CD to the C: drive. Use the following command, assuming that E: the DVD-ROM

mkdir c: boot

copying e: boot * c: boot

Then use the boot restore commands to rebuild the bootloader

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