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Finally – How to Install Windows 10 1709 "Autumn Creator Update" on Older Hardware Systems

The 1709 "Update of Autumn Creators" was released in October 2017 by Microsoft.

Includes several updates for Windows 10, including operating system updates, many security updates, and many other updates. The good news is that the update is completely free and automatically downloads Windows 10, which is not completely up to date. The bad news is that it is extremely difficult to install.

The big problem is that there are unsupported software and hardware that often drive the system to stop the update suddenly – referring to "Restoring an earlier version of Windows" to return to the level that was previously running.

Unfortunately, this has caused a lot of people breaks down on their computers (typically because the latest update provides a significant amount of performance enhancement to the system and typically Microsoft was not really

The answer / solution is actually quite simple to get rid of any older software / hardware that can cause problems in the system, including antivirus / firewall AND drivers

The big one here is the driver element: there was an older machine that was very happy to work 1703. But when 1709 we updated the time, the system stopped and did not want to continue the installation. We quickly realized that the problem was the old WIFI card that we used in the last 6 years [megbízhatóan] After we removed the wireless card and plugged it in the system directly into our home Eth ernet network, it was the same as updating without hindrance. This does not only mean that the system is now capable of running 1709, but will be able to upgrade to future updates without further upgrades.

Again, while Microsoft provided support for the problems, it was generally general and general. By removing any hardware that is not critical for the system to work (eg Printers, etc.). And to ensure that the network connection is the simplest (IE wired, not wireless), you must know that the update is installed. This worked for us.

As a matter of fact, why it might work against other methods, you must understand that, in order to get the most out of your system, it must be able to work effectively on all hardware / software. To do this, you need to effectively eliminate any corrupt or corrupt settings that may be present.

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