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Rapid changes to technology have created a variety of file formats and are in difficulty. These compatibility issues can easily be solved thanks to encoders.

What exactly are encoders?

The simplest way is encoders are programs that convert a "codec" file from one format to another. A & # 39; codec & # 39; in fact the compressor / decompressor is short. Codec is a technology that compresses and unpacks data so that it can be recognized and opened by programs that only read certain types of file formats. Encoders and codecs are used everywhere – a combination of hardware and software, or both.

What encoders are there?

Encoders can usually be distinguished by two main and different ways: mechanical and optical encoders. The two functions are very different.

Mechanical encoders are rotating & quot; Encoders. These types are typically low-cycle applications, such as a dial on the front of the audio device, which are used to convert angular angular angular movements to electrical signals, so that they can easily be displayed, automated, or controlled (numerically).

Optical encoders are used for continuous operation applications are used for applications where reliability is essential Optical Encoders have different electrical interfaces Some use binary coded digital electrical interfaces while other types of quadrature types Binary encoder is often used when very high resolution The binary code can handle more than one signal change from one measurement step to another. Also "photoelectric encoders", optical encoders are very popular with modern machines and count stechnika. They are very accurate and reliable, yet at a relatively low cost.

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