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Embedded Unicum Computers

Today's world is full of electronic devices. We see a lot in our home, in our offices and in shopping malls. Each device has its own feature and each one has computers embedded in their system. These small computers are called single-PCs (SBCs)

Single-board computers are small circuit boards that include all the components (processor, memory, I / O, etc.) required for the entire digital computer. These computers are actually similar to the typical desktop computer board, though they are much smaller. There are only single desktop computers in many of the applications we use today. It is often used as a base for personal computers, such as laptops and notebooks. One-axis computers are designed to integrate with other electronic components to form an industrial machine or electronic product

. But how can the processor, memory and other computer components be automated for a particular electronic product or industrial machine? There are currently two phases in the design of embedded single-board computers. The first is the design of computer hardware, and the second is the design of computer software.

In the design phase of the hardware, a new industrial machine company can choose to design its own embedded SBC in-house design. Engineers are hired to design the SBC. Alternatively, you can ask the SBC manufacturer to prepare an embedded SBC for their unique application.

Today, most companies buy pre-designed SBCs – often as SBCs. Unlike individual SBCs, embedded SBCs slip into certain standards that are determined by their formal factors. The most common form factor of embedded SBCs is PC / 104, EBX and EPIC.

So how do these built-in SBCs perform a specific function if they have the same designs? The answer is software design. To allow a computer to perform a certain function, a computer program should be developed that tells the computer what to do. Companies usually hire software engineers for this design phase. Embedded SBC vendors often provide a wide range of software support.

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