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Electronic Composer Software – 3 popular programs

Whether it's dubstep, house, trance, hip-hop or downtempo, electronic music making software is one of the key elements of the chain. Since electronic music depends to a large extent on computer production, the software contributes greatly to the overall result. Although literally dozens of different production suites are available, this article describes three effective and well-built programs that electronic musicians use around the world.


The software for electronic composing is a unique real-time studio-type setting that allows you to use virtual stand and create your own custom sound chains by re-installing virtual cables and devices. So, besides composing, you will also learn to connect professional equipment as the reason was designed as a simulation.

Although it does not support the use of external extensions and VST devices, ie, the devices found here need to work together, there are more than enough built-in features and tools available. An example of a world-renowned artist Reason, a British dubstep DJ and Jakwob producer.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is another widely used tool among electric musicians. With its many functions, this program is not only easy to create, record, mix, and master, but also great for live performance. Includes a comprehensive set of features that provides a competent and flexible electronic music editor for tuning and playing music on the stage.

Ableton Live has reliably huge tracking, excellent online learning materials and curricula that simplify the learning curve. Some examples of Ableton Live users include DJ Ski (also known as Ski Beatz), an American hip-hop producer and a French musician producer and DJ David Guetta.

Logic Studio

Although this program only works with Mac OS X, Logic is another complete suite of songs from the initial composing phase and final mastering. Extensive and versatile library sets offer a variety of sounds and tools that you can use in your projects. The intuitive layout works very easily in this environment while providing quick access to the complex tools and operations you need.

Because of its relatively low price and the amount of features it contains, this program is a good start. One of the users of the electronic composing software is Paul van Dyk, German electronic dance musician, musician and producer.

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