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Electrical CAD software

Electrical CAD software for integrating electrical systems and designing complex connecting wires and straps in high technology products, Cars, aircrafts and trains. Technological developments have prompted manufacturers to place more electrical components in the same available space to meet customer needs. The electric CAD software enables users to design different plans on electrical systems and to choose the most appropriate solution.

Electrical CAD software is often used with mechanical CAD software to integrate electrical systems with mechanical systems at available locations. The software can also be used to test electric design plans using advanced simulation tools.

The software allows electrical and mechanical engineers to work on a plan simultaneously and share design changes. It enables electrical system builders to evaluate different versions of electrical layout and combine them with the designs provided by mechanical system integrators. The software has an electrical planning and optimization toolkit that provides an integrated sketching environment that provides seamless integration between the various subsystems. The software has been developed in accordance with intelligent design rules that support the automation and configuration of component design automation and the automated generation of properly configured wiring diagrams and other information.

The software helps you control the various aspects of wiring design, such as the interactive design process, the physical location of components, and the physical routing of wire bundles. It helps to determine cable length and wire size for the cable ties production and ensures that the cables are properly dimensioned according to their output power. This is necessary because small wires cause overheating, and if the wires are too large, they will increase the wiring costs.

The software enables electrical system designers to design design presentations on a computer or other projection systems to obtain design approval and, where necessary, make the necessary modifications.

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