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Digital Signage for Software Developers

Digital Signage is an emerging market that has grown rapidly over the past three years. More and more companies are introducing digital signage as the public begins to understand the impact of such systems. If you are a software developer, this is a great opportunity to enter the fast growing marketplace.

Traditional signaling systems used different DVD players and consumer-grade PC systems as media players. In recent years, a number of dedicated device-type media players have been created and are the industry's fastest growing technology sector.

Compared to conventional consumer-quality devices, special media devices enable improved hardware reliability and enhancement. software programming interface. This combination creates new opportunities for software developers, which were previously unavailable.

The Digital Signage Player uses the open standard W3C SMIL as the application programming interface (API). SMIL is an XML-based markup language that shares the popular HTML language in web development. SMIL adds simplicity to the typical Windows or Linux environment. A typical multi-zone animated content can be written in SMIL, up to dozens of lines, like the regular implementation of Windows, which would require at least ten times more work. SMIL also offers advanced features such as synchronization, parallel scheduling, playback logging, event reporting, which greatly improves the robustness of the SMIL player system.

The SMIL standard is becoming more and more by digital companies in the industry. Many large-scale systems using thousands of SMIL players have been installed around the world to demonstrate the maturity and scalability of the technology

There are a number of cheap media players available on the market. Software developers interested in launching a market should seriously consider increasing technology expiration and cost effectiveness.

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