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Digital images taken on a portable Xray system can be viewed using the Dicom Viewer

Portable X-ray units allow doctors and veterinarians to take their journey if needed. Some offices are fully portable and stay with their patients wherever they are, while others have home office and mobile services. If you are considering a portable xray system, it is good to know that you can get the best results by viewing digital images viewed with a professional Dicom viewer

Viewer is hardware and software designed for viewing. digital medical images. For best viewing, the viewer is often used with a medical quality digital graphics monitor. The size of the currently available monitors is designed to match the usual types of digital X-rays and of a size that is wide enough to allow single-screen display of entire chest X-rays and other types of digital images. Doctors turn to a medical viewer to provide the best solution for any diagnostic tool that is used in practice.

When you use the portable X-ray setting, there are a few different options for viewing. Some imaging devices allow you to view the image directly on the unit. Others can connect to the laptop computer with the right software to view the images on the laptop.

Another way to view images is to print copies when the printer is connected to the mobile imaging system. If you connect your laptop to a PACS and wireless internet connection, you can send the digital images that you have added to the field for further study and storage in your office

If a physician or veterinarian is equipped with diagnostic tools with mobile devices, a completely new level of patient care is possible. There are patients who cannot visit you at home. These may include nursing homes, healing centers, as well as athletes on cruise ships or stadiums. Veterinarians often need to travel to their patients to provide routine health care, and a mobile X-ray system can help provide diagnostic information necessary for the accuracy of diagnoses.

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