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Digital common software

Digital Commonplace Software is a new type of software that allows people to capture ideas, notes, and research across a wide range of themes.

Contrary to ordinary credit, the digital general software is not a [19659004] notebooks software. The notebooks software does not have a position that matches the digital audience. That is why I felt it is appropriate to write down the description of the differences and, more importantly, what I am looking for in a good digital audience service.

In the beginning I will describe commonplacing and that really means to have a "commonplace" …

Common Arrangement developed in the late Middle Ages , comments, and research material about new-produced mass paper, which has become cheaper. Keep in mind, not long ago, people wrote about a skinny skin. The introduction of cheap paper was a huge development.

In any case, the common order began to spread through the evolution of the audience . This is a cross-reference between the journal and the notebook, which allowed the author to hold vast amounts of knowledge and information within a relatively small medium.

While the preservation of an ordinary book has become fashionable in many European universities by the late 15th century, it is primarily known by the large number of "lantern" consciousnesses who applied the technique to perfect their work and ideas and ultimately create a whole new set of ideas for the modern age .

Indeed, Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, in the near future we do not have a close interest in what we are doing today. You see that common placement – as this colossus proves – is a 19459003 thinking which is aligned to the written form, not vice versa.

The only reason why many people considered "ordinary" books were not available for storing information. Obviously, this has changed and we have access to a truly remarkable medium in personal computers and the Internet. This is the starting point for Digital Commonplace software.

Digital Audience

Digital audience software is basically an overlap between note-taking applications and digital system development software.

The big problem is that many people simply use Evernote or Onenote lovers to try to create a digital public order. While these tools are effective when formulating notes are not very good for synthesis that is needed to make the common system abundant.

Ultimately, what you need to figure out when searching for basic digital software …

First, you need a tool that is ecologically and naturally to encourage people to make the best of their ideas. This goes beyond comments – it is created in the form of pictures and many other possible attributes

Second, you need to be able to synthesize the input. Most of the "comment" apps are the main problem that they are unable to determine which notes belong to that location – which is very difficult to identify parts of the system that they can access as needed.

Third, a functionality that provides only a reliable shared system. It has never been a digital narrowness, and therefore it must be appreciated that in order to do a work we need a lot of original thinking in order to be a good blend of functionality and stylization.

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