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Db2 Everyplace Edition

Db2 everyplace is specifically designed for mobile devices. This release is useful if you are traveling with a PDA to fieldwork and want to store data, and later synchronize with your main database.

There are two versions of each version of Db2: Db2 everyplace database publishing and Db2 are corporate publishing everywhere. The Db2 everyplace database release for mobile application development and enterprise publishing can be used for full db2, which can synchronize as soon as the connection is detected. Both releases are supported operating systems: unix, linux, solaris and windows. Enterprise Edition also supports high availability and load balancing.

Three components are primarily found in corporate publishing: database engine, synchronous client, and synchronous server. Mobile devices synchronize with the main data server using replication. Two-way replication is available, enabling data to be transmitted in both directions. Data on the mobile client and the data server may be different, as reproduction cycles generally take some time and then forward the changes to the other side. The backend can be Oracle, db2, sqlserver, and Informix. The middle level synchronization server contains all the metadata required for replication. Uploading subscriptions is good for faster replication and requires more hardware.

This Db2 release can be enabled by encryption to safely store data. You can use one server architecture or multiple server architectures. The Everyplace release is useful in healthcare and retail. Before deciding that you need the hardware, list all the requirements and talk to the representative concerned.

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