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Custom Software Vs Canned Software Solutions – Advantages and Disadvantages

If your business requires a software solution, you can get in several directions. A credible individual programmer can help you make the decisions you make in the detailed needs analysis so that they can make the most appropriate business decision for you.

It's not always easy to decide which application is right for your business. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages that can help you decide.

Customized Software – PROs:

# 1. Personalized software can accurately match your needs. Actual users are very good at describing the workflow and as a result, the software can be more effectively designed to increase user efficiency

# 2. You own the software and the code behind it, which gives you greater control over future developments, so the software can be changed if your business changes

# 3. Custom software lets you make meaningful reports that make smart business decisions.

# 4. After software development, the programmer knows his work and is better equipped to provide the best technical assistance in understanding common problems, traps, and workflows, and provides ongoing improvements in software. Unlike a technical support for a shelf software, usually dealing with general issues

# 5. As users are involved in the plan, employees will more easily accept the new system. They will also need less training because they have been involved in the development.

# 6. Developing dollars is wisely spent on the features you really need to improve the process.

Customized Software – CONs:

# 1. Custom Software Customization is tailored to your needs; so you have to pay more. How much is the scope of the software's scope? Keep in mind that long-term savings from duplicate work.

# 2. Custom software is not available immediately as a shelf software. The time frame depends on the scope of the project. The software development time can be reduced by experienced developers who have proven software development skills.

About Shelf Software – PROs:

# 1. Shelf software is readily available when shopping.

# 2. Initial cost will almost always be less than a custom software, but you may need to pay a license fee, where you have to pay a fee for all users of the software

# 3. Technical support is usually free. Shelf Software – CONs:

# 1. Software may not be able to expand other functions that you may need, so many companies use two different software applications to complete your task, redundant data input.

# 2. The current workflow should be set to the process requirements instead of the software that will "do the job" and will not receive the desired report result

# 3. If you experience a specific problem with the software, the manufacturer will cancel the correction or update according to the schedule that you did not specify.

# 4. Because users have no inputs in how the software works, they are more reluctant to change and require training that can be expensive depending on how many users there are. Some software manufacturers charge a fee for renewing their annual license or subscription fee.

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