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Connecting the HP printer to your computer

This article describes how to connect the HP printer to each branded computer. The methods set up here are reliable and easy to use. However, it is recommended to follow them carefully to avoid solving problems when connecting the HP printer to a computer.

If you want to start using the HP printer to perform the print jobs, connect it to your computer. This is an easy task, but it can be cumbersome in the absence of proper instructions. Taking this into account, we have prepared a free HP support guide that will help you easily connect your HP printer to your computer.


Before you can connect the printer, make sure your computer HP Printer Setup has already been installed. If you have not installed (installed) the printer on your computer, grasp the HP installation disc and insert it into your computer's drive. Wait for the automatic prompt. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup procedure. When prompted, restart the computer.

If you do not see an automatic prompt after inserting the disc, locate My Computer and locate the Removable Drive icon. Double-click to open the HP setup.exe file and follow the procedure above. If you do not have an HP installation disc, open the Internet browser and visit the HP Web site. Locate the drivers section and download the latest, compatible drivers for your HP printer.

After setting up the printer, grab the USB cable that came with your printer. Connect your computer to the HP printer with this USB cable. If it is properly connected, an automatic prompt will appear, such as new hardware found, etc. Click Start and locate Control Panel Controls and Printers in Control Panel. When in the Tools and Printers window, click Add Printer. When prompted, click the local printer option, and then press Next to continue.

Select Hewlett Packard when selecting a manufacturer's brand. Next, click to select the model or printer, and then press Next. When prompted, enter the name of the HP printer. You can enter any desired name on your computer. It is only necessary if you recognize the printer when it is connected to the print job. To share your HP printer on a network, select the option and follow the rest of the instructions.

If you do not want to share the printer, select the option you want and then click Next. To set the printer to default, select the option and press Next. Then press Finish to create the connection. When done, close all windows and restart your computer. To have a printer icon on the desktop, locate Devices & Printers, select the HP printer, right-click it and select Create Shortcut.

Exit all windows. You will now see a printer icon on your desktop. Double-click the icon to open and start the print job. To customize the print job, right-click the HP printer icon and choose Properties from the drop-down list.

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