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Computer security, useful guide

Many types of malware, malicious software, pose a threat to computer security. These malicious objects are designed to interfere with normal computer use. Computer criminals, called hackers, use these tools and use different techniques to protect privacy and cause significant personal and / or financial damage. Malicious programs are installed on your computer with various sources such as browsing, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer file sharing. These malicious objects are a great threat to online computer security.

Viruses are a small software program that can install itself and infect a computer. Viruses can infect and corrupt files. Sometimes hard disk drive viruses also crash. They can spread through any medium while exchanging digital data on a computer network. These include DVDs, CD-ROMs, USB keys, and more.

Spyware is another common malicious object that poses a major threat to computer security. These programs are installed with other types of programs without the knowledge of the PC user. Once these malicious objects are secretly installed, they can change your computer settings, collect passwords, Internet browsing history, and personal information. This information is then sent to the author of the spyware. How do you understand that your computer is infected with spyware? Well, there are different symptoms. If your computer suddenly slows down, spyware may be causing it.

Adware is another very annoying type of spyware. If your computer is infected with adware, a huge amount of advertising will appear in the form of on-screen pop-up ads or banners. This is really confusing and confusing, but it doesn't pose a big threat to other types of spyware.

In the list of computer threats, the worm is a significant name. This standalone program can not only replicate itself, but also use a network to infect other network systems. There are also worms that can secretly send documents to the author by email, and even delete the necessary files. The worm damages other computers on the network and consumes bandwidth. This means slowing down your computer and slowing down web browsing.

Consult a technical support to manage computer threats and increase computer security. These providers have extensive experience in dealing with computer threats. Provide robust security to keep you from all kinds of security threats.

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