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Computer Operation – Computer Hardware – Overview of Internal Components

Despite the fact that most people use the computer daily, some of them most of the day, most people do not know how it works inside the computer. This article tries to provide you with a high level of overview of how your computer works with descriptions of the most important components of your computer. This information must have enough knowledge to perform basic computer updates and fixes.

Case : Locks the computer into the inside of a house. The case is like a metallic body of a car. It protects the internal parts and does everything in its place.

Power Supply: The power supply transforms electricity from the wall socket into electricity that can be used by various internal components. Each internal component has its own energy needs – different voltages, different currents, etc. The power supply provides the right electrical power for all components

Motherboard: The motherboard is like a human being's nervous system, connecting all internal components together. All communications are done on the motherboard.

The motherboard also has integrated devices that include features that are part of the motherboard. During the day, there is a separate sound card, network card, modem card, etc. There was, basically, a card for every device. But since these cards are so common and standard for each computer, they are now available as part of the motherboard for convenience.

CPU: The computer is known as the Core Processing Unit known as the processor. All decisions and calculations are done by the processor. This is the central element of the computer; every other part supports and extends it.

Main memory : Main memory, RAM, or only memory is the short-term memory of the computer. Very fast but much smaller than hard disk, long-term memory.

The processor only communicates with short-term memory because long-term memory is too slow. When the processor needs some information about the hard drive, it first loads into the main memory and works with it. If this is done and you want to save the changes, the data is returned to the hard disk for storage.

Hard Drive: Hard drive is the computer's long-term memory or memory. Much larger and much slower than the main memory. Hard disk magnetic fields align magnetic materials on hard disk

Video Card: The video card is responsible for managing display and 2D / 3D calculations. Basic video cards are often connected to the system board. But more powerful video cards, for intensive 3D applications, are created as large, standalone devices.

CD / DVD drive: It is a very common component of the computer, the CD / DVD drive can read and write CDs and DVDs.

19659005] This very high level description of the components provides thorough knowledge of the operation of the computer; it is enough to know that if you need more storage, you need to add or replace the hard drive.

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