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Computer hardware

Computer Hardware: – It can be best described as a physical component of a computer system that includes a circuit board, ICs or other electronics. A perfect example of the hardware is the screen on which you see this page. Whether it's a computer monitor, tablet or smartphone; this is hardware.

Without hardware, the computer can not exist and the software can not be used. The picture is a Logitech webcam, which is an external hardware periphery. This hardware device allows users to create videos and images over the Internet.

Hardware Types: –


Internal Hardware External Hardware

Internal Hardware: – Hardware found on the computer and found to be a computer as an internal hardware.

Ex. Internal hardware: –

1. Motherboard

Processor 2

3. Fan

4. Heat sank

5. RAM

6. Gypsy

7. Network card

8. Sound card

9. SMPS (AC Power Supply)

10. Modem

1. Motherboard: – Most important part of the computer. It is also known as the System Board. This is the main printed board that contains the substrate that accepts the power supply and communicates with the CPU and RAM.

2. Processor (CPU): – The processor manages all instructions from hardware and software.

3. Fan: – A hardware device that integrates the entire computer or computer device when it flows to the computer or component. An example of a heat sink fan is an example. Located at the top of the processor or processor. This helps to cool down the cooler processor and to cool down.

4. Heatsink: – The heatsink is an electronic device that has a fan or palter to have a hot component such as a processor cool.

5. Network card: – This is an expansion card that allows the computer to connect to the network; such as a home network or the Internet with an Ethernet cable, an RJ-45 connector.

6. Sound card: – Sound card expansion card or IC to output sound on a computer that can be heard through loudspeakers or headphones. Although the computer does not require the use of a voice device, they can be found in any form, either on a slider or on the motherboard (built-in).

7. SMPS (Connected Power Supply): – The Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) is an electronic circuit that provides switching devices on and off switching at high frequencies, such as inductive or capacitive current, when the switching device is in a non-conductive state.

8. Modem: – Modem modulates outgoing digital signals from a computer or other digital device to analog signals for a conventional copper twisted-pair telephone line and demodulates incoming analog signal and converts digital signal to digital device.

External Hardware: – Hardware located outside the computer is known as external hardware

. The external hardware.

1. Keyboard

2. Mouse

3. UPS

4. Microphone

5. Printer

6. projector

7. Joystick

8. Speaker

9. Scanner

10. Projector

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