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Computer Hardware – The Five Most Popular Computer Upgrades

Everyone with a computer wants to get the fastest and most efficient computer with the latest computer hardware technology. But to keep up with constant changes, as technology becomes more and more advanced, you need a full update on your computer. But what is the best computer update?

Memory Upgrade

Memory Upgrade is one of the most popular computer hardware upgrades and one of the simplest to increase computer performance. But before doing the memory upgrade, first check the BIOS operating system to determine how much memory is already in the system.

To expand memory, you also need to open your computer to find out how many modules are installed and how many slots are still empty. If all the slots are already loaded, you may need to remove the modules and replace them with larger ones.

Now, after finding the current memory location, we check the operating system and the applications to determine the amount of memory needed for the computer to perform at its queue level. Generally, these programs provide a minimum and recommended rating. So to achieve the full potential of the computer, the memory must or must exceed the recommended level.

Ok, so now there are some basic information to update memory, but take a second before you go out and buy more check your computer's manual or go directly to the motherboard to find out what type of memory your current computer operating system supports. If this is not checked, you will probably get bad memory chips and the memory upgrade will not work.

Also keep in mind When buying a memory upgrade module, it is best to buy the most memory with the least number of modules. There is a possibility for growth in the future. For example, if you purchased two 512 MB modules, buy a 1GB module.

Video Card Upgrade

Video Card Upgrade enables great games currently available on the market. In fact, some games are so advanced that they do not play with a very powerful video card at all.

But it is difficult to choose the right video card, as literally there are dozens of available. It is very important to first look at the motherboard to determine which types of video cards are supported by the system, and you can also check the computer's manual based on the types of video cards that the system supports. The best video cards are the ones that transmit the fastest data. Among the fastest and slowest cards, PCI Express, AGP 8x, AGP 4x, AGP 2x, AGP and PCI

Sound Card Upgrade

The sound card improves computer generated sound. This computer game makes it fun, listening to music and watching digital media.

To install a sound card, you will need to find an available ISA slot on the back of your computer. These slots are the longest sockets on the motherboard and other cards may be installed in such slots. Two openings on the back of the computer have two inner slots. Then remove the socket at the back of the socket to insert the sound card. Make sure that the access disk on the sound card covers the hole created by removing the first access disk. But be sure to put your sound card back slowly back or forth otherwise the sound card may be damaged

DVD Player / Writer Update

As many digital video is available, many people are looking to upgrade to a DVD player and burner combo. The most powerful DVD player / recorder currently available is DVD + R / RW. These are generally not compatible with older DVD-ROM drives and DVD players. But the current big names in the industry, such as Sony, HP and Phillips, support these players. DVD + R / RW drives are faster than previous models and are able to format while writing data to a disc.

Motherboard upgrade

Now for those who are really serious about updating your computer's hardware, motherboard updates are another popular option. Of course, updating the motherboard is the toughest update, and I certainly would not recommend it if you do not have a strong background in computers and electronics. For those who can handle it, however, they will certainly enjoy the freedom to never buy a new computer. Instead, the motherboard can be further developed due to technological advances.

Apart from removing the new computer, updating the motherboard also makes it easy to update the rest of the computer. This is because the purchase of the motherboard ensures the reception of the most up-to-date technologies, and is compatible with other upgrade components.

However, the development of the motherboard requires serious advanced design and reading a computer manual. If you do not do this properly, your computer will only have a huge paper weight. If it's done right, your computer will stay in the forefront of the current technology.

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