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Computer hardware testing

first Check your monitor or monitor

Your computer or monitor screen has pixels. These pixels have three colors: red, green, and blue. Pixels can often be damaged or broken in just one color or just black.

The online tool checks for bad pixels called "CheckPixels". The CheckPixels test will display the three main colors and if a pixel is displayed as a dead black dot, and if a pixel points to another color (malfunction), you will see it as well.

2nd Keyboard Verification

The keyboard is not necessarily important as a hardware component, but it is used for almost every task and is self-explanatory. For laptop users, the keypad is very important. If the laptop needs to be sent for repair, the whole computer has to go. There is also an online test tool that can test keyboard keys, "KeyboardTester".

3rd Verify the Hard Disk Drive (HDD & SSD)

Your HDD / SSD has the operating system and most applications and files. It is very important for the HDD / SDD to be completely healthy. This is the most important thing if you are using a used computer because you do not know the history or the used computer and the HDD / SDD.

Various devices are available to control HDD / SDD status and health.

HDSentinel can be used on hard disk. On the left side of the screen, the drivers connect the computer. Health is the most important parameter to look for. The HD Sentinel explains how health percentages are reported and how the results are taken into account. For example, do not dispose of the HDD due to some bad disk sector and IO errors.

SSDlife is another tool that specifically refers to an SSD. This also shows that the percentages of health and the life expectancy of the drive. Like hard drives, SSDs may have bad sectors as well

. Control of processing units (CPU and GPU)

The main components of the processing are the central processing unit (CPU) and the graphic processing unit (GPU). These are the components that enable office applications and games. These are also essential components that ensure perfect operation. It is therefore necessary that these two elements are in perfect condition. For both tests, use the CPU Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

To test the GPU for the device. Base Mark Web 3.0 works well. Check random access memory (RAM)

RAM is the most important element that has the most impact on your computer's performance. MemTest from HCI Design is a great tool for checking unused memory errors. It is important to identify and fix errors with RAM. RAM errors cause the notorious "blue extinction". Boot issues can also be attributed to RAM errors


In addition to the hardware component tests above, check the Ethernet ports and the connection, the wireless connection from the wireless card (internal or external), HDMI, DVI and USB via the available cables and devices


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