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Computer hardware components – what are they doing and what they are doing?

Computer is a very intimidating tool for people who do not know how it works. There are so many devices, so many buttons and very few instructions on where the hardware goes to where and why.

Fortunately, we have compiled a glossary of the most popular hardware components of the computer – and the purpose of each device.

Keyboard – The keypad is connected to the computer and displays all alphabets, numbers, grammatical characters, and various functions. Keyboard controls and functions are forwarded to your computer.

Mouse – The mouse is a one-handed device that controls the operation of the cursor on the computer monitor. Usually you have two or three keys to perform the functions performed on your computer screen.

Monitor – The computer screen is a device that displays signals on the computer screen. The monitor lets you watch DVDs, play games, create documents, or browse the web.

Printer – The printer is often connected to your computer so you can print a printed copy of the document (s).

Modem – A modem is a component of a computer that converts signals created by one type of device into another compatible format. For example: computer and telephone.

Webcam – A webcam is a device that is connected to your computer and allows visual communication with others who have also installed a web camera.

Power Supply – The Power Supply (PSU) is a device that provides power to the computer to operate.

This is just a few of the hardware components associated with the computer. Also, look for other devices such as computer cases, video cards, computer cables, and scanners to get to know all the elements of your computer.

Do not be afraid when trying to connect or record your computer for the first time. There are plenty of online resources to help you make it all right. Just do your research ahead and it's all over.

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