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Computer Hardware Comparison

Hardware is the electronic, electrical and magnetic components that perform computer functions. Motherboards, processors, hard drives, random access memories (RAM), network cards, video cards, sound cards, and internal modem examples. It also includes peripheral devices, such as a mouse, keyboard, monitor, modem, printer and scanner. Hardware components with specific capacity are essential for running software applications. There are several companies operating, most of which are the world's leading electronics brands involved in the production of various components. Hardware comparisons of users are found in computer journals and technology websites.

The most important computer hardware component is microprocessor. This is an IC designed and manufactured specifically for different computing tasks. There was an intense competition in the microprocessor field. The two most important players in this area are Intel and AMD. There were other companies like Cyrix and a number of Chinese manufacturing companies. Competition so far has been good for customers to get good quality products. The two companies engage in exciting competition one by one. When AMD makes a processor with a special feature, Intel will soon come with a processor that is more attractive than AMDs and vice versa. The cycle continues and the processor's quality and speed increase.

One of the main components of computer hardware is the motherboard. Basically, this is a custom designed electrical and electronic circuit. This is where the other internal parts are drilled. It has special components such as processor, hard disk, RAM, network card, graphics and video card, sound card and internal modem. Intel also manufactures its own motherboards. It is said that Intel's Intel motherboards are the best. Another big company in Mercury.

Another field where a number of computer hardware comparative assessments are available in the field of computer memory. Generally speaking, the computer has two types of memory: magnetically controlled permanent memory and electrically controlled temporary memory. Hard drive is a permanent memory. The most important computer hard drives are LG and Seagate. RAM is the non-permanent memory that is used in the functional memory during running the computer.

Computer hardware comparison for different peripherals is also available in magazines. In the field of computer monitors LG, Acer and Phillips are the most important companies. Most of these companies also have mouse and keyboard. Microsoft and Logitech are the other major manufacturers of the mouse and keyboards. In the printers segment, HP, Epson and Canon are the key players. Samsung, LG and Creative are the key companies that produce CD and DVD drives and writers.

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