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Complete removal of CA eTrust Antivirus in seconds

If you decide to carefully remove CA eTrust Antivirus from your computer and transfer it to Kapersky, McAfee or one of the most useful programs, I'll tell you the truth. You can not rely on the built-in "Add / Remove Programs" built-in Windows – as usual to remove unwanted programs. Since you can get massage after downloading the other antivirus program after it is installed, indicating that all components (such as virus scans, antispam, etc.) can not be run while other eTrust programs are still running

how to completely remove this virus stubborn CA eTrust Antivirus? Please see this article and tell you how:

One manual removal

After you uninstall this program, click "Add / Remove Programs":

1. Step

Go to Start – Control Panel – System – Hardware – Device Manager – View – Show Hidden Devices – No Plug and Play Drivers, a set of VET_____ components can stay there. You may experience a little voice or gray (Phantoms), and then delete all of them. There may be one or two flooded services in the Registry (VET _____).

2nd step

Go to Start – Run, type: unvet32.exe and clear: [19659002] * C: Windows AVShlExt.dll

* C: Windows System32 ISafeIf.dll

* C: Windows System32 iSafProd.dll

* C: Windows System32 VetRedir.dll

* C: Windows System32 Drivers VetEBoot.sys

* C: Windows System32 Drivers VetEFile.sys

* C: Windows System32 Drivers VetFDDNT.sys

* C: Windows System32 Drivers Vet-Filt.sys

* C: Windows System32 Drivers VetMonNT.sys

* C: Windows System32 Drivers Vet-Rec.sys

* C: Program Files CA eTrust EZ Armor eTrust EZ Antivirus

* Program group of the EZAV Start menu in Start-> All Programs

* In the Registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE ComputerAssociates Anti-Virus

3. Go to the Registry Editor: Start – Run and enter the regedit command









On the


key, clear the following key


4. Restart the computer.

If you need to manually remove the files, run UnVet32.exe again to see what is displayed. If you display a successful message, you will delete yourself and complete removal.

However, you must perform this behavior at your own risk, as any errors may cause a bug on your computer. So you have to take care and double check before you delete something.

Two Automatic Uninstallation

Using the Automation Removal Tool is much easier and safer. A good remover can help remove CA eTrust Antivirus in seconds, without any problems.

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