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Common pocket door problems

Not all homeowners have problems with pocket gates. However, like any other home, you may have time when you need help in solving the pocket-door problems. Some of these common problems involve roller problems, lubrication of cutter tracks, and attachment problems

. If you have problems with the rollers, you should look at the type of door rollers. There are two types of rollers – the base attached to the door and the cylinder connected to this base. After several years of wear, these parts are separated and not sorted out. This door will not open properly. If you find that the door is not hanging properly, there may be a problem with the cylinders. You have to look at the rollers to find the wrong type and then replace it.

Rollers, like all moving pieces of metal, require lubrication to smoothly roll. This is certainly done with worn or damaged cylinders. If you do not want to replace them correctly or call a professional, you can inevitably prolong the rollers with silicone spray or grease.

Sometimes the problem with the pocket door is not due to wear and tear. Often, due to the manufacturer's failure, you do not provide the correct screws for installation. They may be too short and therefore easily loose or the thread is too fine to wear the weight of the door. The common screws in the pocket pack are often gypsum screws that are not suitable for work. Of course there may be a problem on the pitch. If the screws on the track loose, this may cause the track to friction and sometimes the screws may fall off the track.

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