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Common hardware and computer peripherals

The average computer user has installed a number of hardware devices and components on his system. Each has an appropriate driver. The most common ones are:

BIOS – Short for basic input output system, BIOS is a kind of software that is located on a motherboard chip. It contains codes that control devices such as the mouse, keyboard, and various features.

CD / DVD – Most recent computers belong to CD / DVD drives. These drives allow you to install software applications, play video games, and play music on compact discs in other features.

Displays – Display only of computer monitors such as flat screens and touch screens

Game Controller – Game controller is a device that connects to a computer or game console and allows you to play video games. The most common example is a USB joystick.

Graphics / Video Adapter – Graphic Video Card cards handle the display's appearance and performance. They are responsible for processing information, performing calculations for each color pixel and delivering data on the computer screen

Hard Disk Controller – A hard disk controller is an interface or circuit that allows the operating system to control the hard disk on a computer. The most common examples are modems that are integrated with built-in architecture controllers

Input Devices – Input devices are used to enter data into a computer. Common examples include a keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.

ISDN – ISDN refers to a particular digital data transfer service. To do this, you need a modem that matches the type of network connection you are using.

Modem – The modem allows you to connect your computer to a PC via a telephone line, a cable connection, or a wireless connection. The most common use of the modem is to establish an Internet connection.

AC Adapter – AC Adapter is a device that allows you to connect computers and networks. The most common are PCI Ethernet cards and wireless network adapters.

Printer – Printer is a device that connects to a computer and allows you to print documents and graphics. Many printers still work as copiers, scanners, and fax machines

Removable Drive – Exchangeable drives are intended for storage devices that are primarily used for data backup and recovery. Common examples, such as USB flash drives and portable hard drives

Scanner – A scanner is a device that connects your computer and allows you to scan documents and images. Typically, specialty software is required for proper operation.

Sound Card – The sound card is a built-in component that allows computer speakers to be output. Sound cards come from external versions and require you to connect a microphone.

Tape Backup Drive – Tape backup drives are used to store magnetic tapes, usually for security purposes. Normally, they come with security software that allows you to automatically schedule auto-backups.

USB – Short for Universal Serial Bus, USB is a standard used to connect computers to various devices. This process takes place via USB ports and cables

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