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ClamAV Removal – How to Remove Clam Antivirus in Seconds

Clam Antivirus is an open source (GPL) antivirus toolkit developed for UNIX and has third-party versions of AIX, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, OpenVMS, OSF, Solaris and for Mac OS X. to detect various malicious software, including viruses. This is specifically designed to scan emails for e-mail gateways. Sometimes, for some reason, you may need to remove the Clam Antivirus application and manually drive a clean ClamAV.

A few weeks ago I tried to upgrade ClamAV to the newer version, but I did not succeed. Then I decided to remove it and set the new one. After I started the Add / Remove Programs list on the Start menu and removed this virus I found it in my TEMP folder. Clam Antivirus leaves many temp folders. ClamWin does not delete the files in the temp directory when it scans a virus scan archive file. So all of them must be deleted when removing the antivirus.

You can manually delete them, and follow the instructions below:

The following are the files left in the TEMP directory. The names are different, but they are still similar. Libraries contained encrypted files. So, as you can imagine, they would have complicated over time.

Directory: clamav-0585b8952d374a7ddcc0a551ff27e423.fff63b03.clamtmp

Directory: clamav-ad6d970ba9f3b1e7b534a733bbc2c6c7.fff63b03.clamtmp

File: ClamWin_Upadte_Time

File:: ClamWin1.log

File: ClamWin2.log

File: ClamWin3.log

Of course, if you have no assurance of the complete removal of ClamAV as described above, you may try another way. With the good automation removal tool, you can delete the entire antivirus program in seconds.

There is a fantastic remover tool that helps with full removal and removes Clam Antivirus program with great success to make sure that all obsolete registry entries and related files are automatically dropped by a few clicks. Apart from this software, you can completely remove programs such as Authentium, Norton, Trend Micro Antivirus, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Office and similar programs.

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