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Causes of software project failure

Most software projects do not result in complete or partial failure because a small project meets all requirements. These requirements may be the costs, the schedule, the quality or the objectives of the requirements. According to a number of studies, error rates for software projects are between 50% and 80%. This essay is the compilation of defective causes of software development projects; this essay combines areas that play an important role in the failure of software projects.

So, what's the cause of the software project bug? The sad fact is that software projects fail because we do not recognize that good technical principles should apply to software projects, just as building office buildings. We try to protect ourselves by building the software "other".

One of the most serious complaints about software failure is the inability

to estimate with reasonable accuracy the necessary costs, resources, and timing

for a software project. Traditional evaluation methods have always come up

positive results that contribute to over-known and infected costs

Schedule Slider

Over the last 20 years, many cost and schedule estimation techniques

is used with mixed sensitivity because of the limitation of evaluation models. ruling

some of the estimates are due to a lack of understanding

software development process and the impact of the method used in the project

Plan, Scheduling and Cost Estimates

Error Case Studies

Below are some case studies that we will analyze

Main causes of Software System Malfunction

Northumbria University has developed accounting software for daily

business. The project did not come up with the desired results and failed

meet deadlines. The studies have shown that fund project management

did not follow the procedure. This case study refers to this study

different points where needed. [1]

Hong Kong-based multinational company (SMHK) Thai subsidiary (SMTL)

participated in the manufacture of electronic equipment. They did one

integrated software suite; which was a deficiency of several factors. These

factors are mostly related to management. For example, it fits badly into business

the process assumptions in software and business processes in SMTL,

poor leadership at different levels, cultural differences, organizational

environment and poor human resource management.

The St. John Hospital is a District General Hospital that is Medical and

nursing services, which include general surgery and medicine. all these

features diagnostic imaging, laboratory, ambulance, pharmacy support

and therapeutic services that are all on the spot. Like the main hospital is a tourist

area, deals with many vacations in the holiday season, generating large quantities

Software Management and Management

It has been repeatedly demonstrated that effective leadership is essential for successful IT implementation (Klenke, 1994). The leader must have cultural sensitivity, communication skills, creativity, transfer capability, and abilities to develop and conserve human resources (Luthans, 1994). The software manager of the (SMHK) was in the west where the lower leaders were eastern. So there has always been a cultural confrontation. Jack (Manager) always tries to introduce creative thoughts. And in most cases the bottom management could not do it. That's why there was constant clash.

Employees also felt that the management barely "listened" to their concerns

or trying to solve them. Consequently, many employees are reluctant to leave

to the company and did so when alternatives were found in the other


Project Planning and Scheduling

Project planning means creating a break in work, and then allocating responsibility to developers over time. Project planning consists of the construction of various tasks, timelines and major roads, including Gantt charts and PERT charts, as well as various written plans for different situations.

It is customary to work backwards in the software development process

project end date, resulting in a complete software project failure. This

is impossible for a project to be effectively completed at the design stage

to the enforcement stage.

The division of roles and responsibilities should be clearly defined, and

will be decisive when renting from outside. The university is higher

management did not apply basic project management rules that a

project error

Before starting the project, an appropriate schedule is required. it

includes time schedules, team schedules. Project leaders do not know what

have to plan and schedule it. Just tell the programmer what to do

and programmers can find the right solution.

The development moved to a new office and the office was not completely

equipped with the right infrastructure. Because time is a big factor in success

or a failure of a project. So it delayed the development process and contributed

towards the project failure. The infrastructure is not fully planned and

leadership team did not know where and how the project will be developed


The most important secret of the winning software development project is to guide

quality and lower risk. The contingency plan is also part of the design. In

case things went wrong, then we can follow this plan if we reduce its impact

Project Failure. The same was the university's accounting software. THE

management team did not have such a contingency plan and did not evaluate the risk

participated in the design of the new system. This has caused more problems without it

security system or security plan

Management just tries to follow methods like SDLC or RAD, but does not know which method to use and when to apply the correct technique

. ] Cost estimate

Cost estimates mainly concern the costs of efforts to produce a software project. But this is not limited to effort. This includes hardware and software costs, employee and customer training, customer travel, network and communication costs. The cost estimate is to be performed as part of the software process model

Cost estimate needs to be done well before the project starts

development. Failure to budget the project costs

complete disaster. As mentioned earlier, infrastructure costs and development tools

Cost and hardware costs must first be estimated.

The same thing happened with the University's bookkeeping system development. They

purchased the new system, regardless of the serious cost estimate

Income Sources

Below is the list of reasons why a poor cost estimate was made

Improper Estimation Methodology

Another reason would be to use an inappropriate cost estimation method. No method is better than anything else. Each methodology has its own strong and weak points, which must be taken into account. In Dr. Barry Boehm's book, Software Engineering Economics lists seven estimation methods. One or more of these methods can be used to estimate the cost of a project

"It's a good idea to use multiple software cost estimation methods

should be used for accurate estimation. "

Cost Estimator Tools

There are many disadvantages in manual cost estimation: this method is almost obsolete, today's cost estimate includes the right commercial software cost estimator

Good software estimation tools do not always guarantee reliable software

estimate. Failure to provide the software size results in a poor estimate.

The estimation software should also be tailored to individual needs

organization. These customizations require data from past projects

Input for Tool Estimation

There are several reasons why these devices may return a poor estimate.

Selection of the appropriate estimation tool

Choosing the right estimation tool is required for the appropriate estimate. The device can not handle the input so it can set up a poor estimate so the software project will fail.

Simplification is simple

As mentioned above, the selected device should be customizable according to the body's needs so that the organization can customize your needs and past project data.

Easy to use and learn

The cost estimation tool should be easy to use and learnable. It should include help and examples, a simple and straightforward user interface. This requires fewer training to learn the system and inputs need to be well defined

Accurate estimation

The estimation tool should be able to analyze each parameter and estimate its cost correctly.

Risk Management

Risk management is an important factor in failing software projects if they are not timely and efficiently managed. Since there is nothing to predict what will happen in the future, it is necessary to take the necessary steps in the present for any uncertain situation in the future. Risk Management means having to worry before it becomes a crisis

Risk Identification

According to the Universal Risk Project, there are two conditions that may be a risk symbol [19659004]

  • IF-THEN Statements
  • If we do not have enough qualified engineers to do so, we can not complete the planned development schedule
  • CONDITION-CONSEQUENCE Statements [196459042] The " (19659043) "Because this particular test fails (the STATUS), the CONCLUSION that the scheduled schedule slows down"
  • identifies the areas where the risk may be and how

    may have an impact on the development of the project. The risk may be of a technical nature

    is not of a technical nature. Project leaders need to be aware of both the risks. Most

    project managers are not good on both sides. A good manager

    Programming skills can be useful in identifying technical risk, but not gender

    Technical Risk

    Risk Analysis

    After identifying risk, risk categories are required. The risk analysis will use the analysis of the results and the results of the project and the risk reduction technique after the risk analysis. Once the risk analysis has been completed, an appropriate risk assessment plan has to be drawn up to address the uncertain situation. The first identified risks are categorized and defined by the risk hierarchy. At this point, the risk is classified as positive or negative.

    Risk Priority

    After the risk analysis, the next step is to identify the risks priorities. First, focus on the highest risk; and later. These risk factors can from time to time, so the final project is free of risk. So, most project management teams do not identify risk-taking risks and less risky risks. This often occurs in the form of a crisis.

    Risk Threat

    Risk Occupation Art. Management sometimes takes over projects by identifying the project's proper risk. So, an experienced manager will carry out the project to ensure proper risk analysis and avoid project risks.

    Risk Management

    To achieve the desired results and results, risk management is the best risk. This is a pure intuitive process and depends on the experience of the project management team or the risks already handled by previous projects that have been completed by the same organization.


    This study included three key factors in the software development project being unsuccessful. Planning and scheduling, cost estimation and risk management. All these factors need to be taken into account at the management level and then transferred to the lower management.

    Planning and scheduling first come, good planning and scheduling makes it a

    is a powerful foundation for the software project. The project plan includes

    construction of various tasks, timelines and basic roads, including Gantt

    charts and PERT charts and different written plans in different situations. If

    these factors do not participate, then the software may experience problems

    is under development and will be a defect product

    Cost estimate is based on project budget, customer type and

    size and effort in the project. Cost estimates are often done

    during the project lifecycle. There are many ways to affect the project, bad

    estimate total failure, affect the good will of the body if a

    Costs do not cover, owners are concerned and waste of resources

    Risk Management is a practical approach to ambiguity and

    is a potential loss associated with the software development project. Possible measures

    may be opportunistic (positive risk) if they are the consequences

    are favorable or vulnerable (negative risk) if they have consequences

    is unfavorable.

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