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Build your first computer with hardware scraping

Wow – When you first do it and have time in your time – go ahead and buy a motherboard, your favorite processor, memory, and video card (you might want to buy an outfit for advanced quality). You will also need a computer case – first your computer should probably be cheaper – the USB 2 port on the first page – the only question – would replace the noisy cheap power supply with $ 50. Processor fan – you can find all kinds of tastes nowadays – Set the adjustable speed to control the noise (if you could not place it in the basement of your house – I think you live in a flat or student dormitory). Let's go to the details:

o Before generation. It's no secret that when you build your own computer – you can overpay – considering what's in stores. However, you are generally in the process of technology. For example, this is still common when Dell / Compaq / IBM computers use PC2700 memory. If you purchased the PC3200 – there are two years before the race

o Processor. If you build your computer from scratches – you have to start a 64-bit processor from scratch. Get AMD Athlon 64 3400+ at least

o video cards. Get $ 100 for maximum memory and performance. We therefore recommend an external video card

or a DVD writer. RW +/- Unfortunately, Japanese manufacturers are in the process of winning standards and high density DVDs. Both are supported.

o Hard disk. The decent motherboards support IDE raid and experiment with stripes (raid 0). If you buy two IDEs 400 GB – you get 800 GB – it's incredible on supercomputers – but you and your own and the cosmopolitan – ahead of progress and competition.

o Troubleshooting. Understand and respect it. First, listen to your mumble tone and read your documentation. You may not see memory, graphics card, etc. When installing memory – pay close attention to static electricity. If you connect the motherboard to a computer case – the most common problem is a short circuit on the motherboard – so do not be surprised to try the motherboard on the motherboard first

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