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Bigger differences between regular computers and gaming machines

The difference between average computers and regular computers is increasing

Traditionally, the difference between average computers and gaming machines was always simple: the average computer was built with almost obsolete technology and the gaming machine is the latest and greatest components. Now that technology advances dramatically in program and game design, software development and application, computer hardware needs to be developed and developed more quickly than ever before. Program developers become the most creative and exotic imagination of computer hardware becoming a virtual reality, years before they are customary with the average desktop computer. Gamer PCs have been designed to bring the monitor to life from the developers' best ideas.


To help developers and gamers meet their performance needs, hardware developments are at an alarming rate, extending the gap between player computers and regular computers for years. One of the biggest differences is when we look at the state-of-the-art high-end gamer PC compared to the regular system, with the latest gamer PC cooler tubes that keep the processor and graphics cards. The lack of empty space is also obvious; while on a regular table there are often invisible empty spaces that do not exist in your competition.

Visual Performance

Another striking difference between normal desktop computers and gaming machines is the performance when playing programs such as Crisis or Skyrim. The quality of the game and the visual performance are surprising on the players' computer, especially on the regular desktop playback and visual performance. Graphics cards in the above comparison are often incompatible. Not to mention that running processors are at a completely different level of processing speed and performance.

Speed ​​and price

The speed and processing power of the gaming machine usually begins near the 3.0 GHz range. You can do this by trying to override the CPU on an average desktop computer. The average table costs between $ 800 and $ 2, while high-end machines can cost up to $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 for a sharp, unique built-in overclocked computer.

The difference between regular computers and gamer PC stretched and increased in every way, including dollar signs. The most obvious difference, however, is simply performance.

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