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Best Real Estate Software for Investors?

With Realeflow, you can track complex transactions such as short sales and rehabilitation projects. This includes HUD-1 tables and the ability to create more posts for your teammates, such as business partners and realtors. You can receive up to 16 premium lead generation sites (you pay for domains), and if you choose the upgraded package, you will include private creditors, cash buyers, tenant managers, taxpayers in the database. Realeflow has some unique features such as voice transfer, built-in local fax number for sending and receiving faxes and mobile marketing platform for Moby (SMS marketer broadcasts). One of the popular features of Realeflow is the Property Launch site template that allows you to "start" a property and quickly sell it with the same groundbreaking marketing technique and psychological motivations that Jeff Walker first pioneered in the "product launch formula".

Freedomsoft has only 3 leading generation websites – buyer, seller, and private lending templates. Within the platform, you can access all the forms and contracts required for wholesale deals. You can also replenish public contracts that may be beneficial for the MLS listed properties or bank-owned bids. However, Freedomsoft has some remarkable features that Realeflow does not. The platform has one-click marketing, MLS leads, additional video training on the resources tab – (videos and scripts for discussions and downloadable audio books – REO Rockstar and Probate Profit). Two of the most popular features of Freedomsoft are the bid calculator and contracts to be automatically filled out from the software. This "offerbot" technology, in my opinion, gives Freedomsoft the edge. It saves a lot of time by filling out most of the bids for you. Now, if you make dozens of deals each week (you may need it), all you have to do is enter Earnest Money, bid amount and closing date, and freesoft will take care of the rest. He even has a handwritten font to fill in the signature. I hope Realeflow takes note of this feature and introduces it to the next software update.

It should now be said that Realeflow has many features that provide competitive advantage to short-selling investors and rehabbers. As mentioned earlier, the platform helps fill in HUD-1 and allows setting deadlines and reminders for the various tasks that need to be completed during the short sale negotiation process. Realeflow will retain you and remind you to collect the necessary documents from the seller. If you recycle features or calculate end-user improvements, you have an excel chipset that helps you calculate your net profit. The built-in Hammerpoint feature allows you to estimate patches based on square meters of property area. The software then prints an "entrepreneurial estimate" based on data input from Hammerpoint. It's very useful to introduce a business package to your investor-customers.

In the near future I'm writing a deeper look at both platforms. In the meantime, we recommend checking both platforms and see which works best for you. Both are of great value and MUST-HAVE have the tools to make investors invest and be productive.

So what's better, Freedomsoft or Realeflow?

I believe your answer lies with your real estate investment slogan. working in short stores or buying real estate and flip, Realeflow is the right choice. It can certainly be used for wholesale, but I think the features of the software are better suited for rehabber or short-selling investors.

If the cab is in wholesale, Freedomsoft offers the best solution. Not only has dozens of functions that simplify the workflow, the platform creator specifically dealt with the wholesale business.

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