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Best Animation Software

I tried my hand as a child with a Super 8mm film camera. I made some models made of plasticine, I got a pair of rack mounted lights at the father's university and put it into my garage. Wow. What a tough process! 3 weeks later, 1 minute of shaking stop-motion animation.

For me, in my childhood, the animation kings were Oliver Postgate's British television animator (who created a wonderful stop movement Bagpuss and Ivor the engine ) and Ray Harryhausen, who had a career in dinosaurs for stop moves and he spent monsters with the classics, Sinbad and Tiger Eye . Of course I am watching Avatar and Pixar today and I want to create pictures like this. I would like that!

Since I tried to animate every life for the first few years, I tried animation with modern techniques – computer and 3D animation software. My initial experiences were not so different from the first attempts as with a super 8mm film camera. Basically not very good!

The first problem was that I bought a fairly expensive software that was really a championship over my understanding. It wasn't the best animation software in the world, but it wasn't the worst. The trouble was that there was no teaching that an amateur like me really needed in the first stages of the actual steep learning curve. I persisted, but I made little progress, then I was a little bored. Bad start. But I didn't give up.

I just did not succeed last year when I finally bought the best 3D animation software that I attributed to my great hobby. My product was not only excellent in terms of price, but I also offered basic tools to make relatively high quality animations. What I have proved to me is that sometimes it is best to cheap and easy to start learning and learn the tricks and techniques before going straight into something too high-tech. Now I have learned a lot about moving to another 3D animation software product and taking it to the next level. The best thing I've ever done is a cheap, but fun product.

I recently noticed that many of the best 3D animation software on the market have dropped significantly in price. Don't be fooled, you're not going to make Avatar movies with this stuff. However, they will blow how good your animations will be if you stop what you do

. training support. Some of the best animation software is not the most expensive. Good luck!

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