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Benefits of Master Clock Systems

The master clock is a hardware device that provides accurate time for hardware reference and synchronizes slave clocks and time displays. The slave watches rely on the master clock to display the exact time.

Once configured, traditional non-synchronized lessons differ from time to time. After a relatively short time, they can show very different times. Correcting each clock can be a very time-consuming process that needs to be performed at regular intervals.

GPS Master Watches

Master clocks can use hardware time constraints, for example, the GPS system is given a very accurate time. GPS is accurate for one second in three hundred million years. Therefore, every time display and slave clock refers to a very accurate, legally trackable time source. GPS systems require an antenna that is typically a clear view of the sky. Alternatively, if the installation of the antenna is difficult, the Internet Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers can be used.

All of them work at the same time

Many organizations can benefit from using synchronized lessons. Staff work at the same time, so meetings can start immediately, school hours begin and finish the schedule and consistently start and end. Hospitals, manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry can log events accurately.

Low Maintenance

Installed and correctly configured slave watches do not require maintenance, as opposed to high-maintenance stand alone watches. ] Auto Setup

Many countries need to set the clocks for summer time twice a year. If a large number of clocks need to be repaired, it may be time-consuming. Often hours are at altitude or inaccessible places that take longer. In addition, the setting often occurs well after the event, so hours will be defective for a long time.

Master clocks automatically set summer time and do not require manual intervention. Additionally, every hour is set at the right moment to display a constant time.

Another advantage is that slave clocks can often be set to show time display at different time zones, ideal for floor and conference rooms. 19659002] Auto Recovery

Due to power losses or failures, non-synchronized clocks may become inaccurate. Each hour then needs to be corrected. Master clock systems automatically receive the exact time from hardware references, such as GPS. Resetting the power within minutes will keep the slave watches coming back and running. There is often no need for operator intervention.

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