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Benefits and disadvantages of beta versions

The beta version of any software is available globally, so bugs, errors, and crashes can be reported by real-time users. This is advantageous as it helps to increase the software's performance and prevent it from failing when the product / software starts with a larger, high-performance speed.

The same advantage is faster and less expensive software feedback.

Imagine a company that uses as many testers as beta verified users and then pays them. This would be a huge amount for the company.

Even if the company designates so many testers, time is always a cause for concern and concern. Many people who use the software globally will take much less time and the diverse dimensions of testing will be very fruitful.

The company should take every possible cost to rent disk space on the internet and the popular product.

This, despite being as good as it sounds, may be catastrophic for software and / or the company. Imagine a very influential person or a competing company that uses the software, its fault is highly criticized, and that can even kill the backbone of the software.

Many beta users do not know that this is a test version of software and their instability that may frustrate them to never use the software again and neglect the use of any company's products and negatively promote the software.

Like any other, the history of Beta has a flipside, useful and harmful. But its use is never seen a low phase. It is still one of the companies because it benefits its disadvantages.

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