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Beat Maker software vs hardware – which one for you?

Over the years, I pulled back using beat-making software and various hardware drums. In fact, some of the software I used was not necessarily intended to punctuate, but I was able to work.

If you think that there is nothing good to beat easily, it is not creative enough. That's what I've been trying to teach in the 90's. I've always tried various sequencers, samplers and drum machines, and I found that there are so many ways to approach the blows, as different styles go by.

One of my favorite combinations of hardware and software was when I had an Akai drum box that connected USB, connected to a laptop running Propellerheads Reason. It may seem a bit strange, but it worked very well and I started running so fast that I started to wonder why I did everything to try to find out how to do it in other ways. This combination seemed to fit well with me, but I had to spend a lot of money to compile this setting. Think about it. I need:

  • The computer
  • The quality sound card (essential for the laptop audio system)
  • Reason
  • USB Drum Boxes
  • Monitor Speakers or Headsets
  • was the basis. In 2001, this was a lot of money to collect all of this.

    Before I set this up, I went through a section where I was a version of an older laptop and an early Cakewalk version with which I simply got the sound samples in a timeline. This was even harder at the geekdom level I had to approach to compile a whole track.

    What is my opinion with all this? The fight between hardware and software is a big gray line in the big schedule. Here I can tell what I say: find out what works best for your situation and insist on it.

    Do not spend too much time trying different scheduling modes. Find something that works, then focus on the spells. That's all that's all in the end.

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