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Basics of computer system – a combination of hardware and software

Many people are embarrassed about what constitutes a computer system to allow their operation, whether desktop or notebook. In this article, I get to know the basics of what the computer system is and how it integrates software and hardware into today's computer

. The first thing we need to understand is the difference between software and hardware. Both software and hardware are required for any type of system to exist for a period of time! The computer system itself consists of a number of hardware components to create a functioning computer system that knew if it did not know it was a piece of hardware! Both the notebook and the desktop computer are the following major hardware components:

Hardware in the computer


is the pizza base! The motherboard allows all the hardware components of the computer to connect and interact with each other. There is no computer on the motherboard.


Computer Brain. The processor will perform all the necessary calculations and operations to ensure that all additional hardware and software work. As mentioned above, see the processor as human brain. In addition to the "random access memory", memory cards are rectangular in size and speed, and are used as a buffer to transfer data to the computer's brain, the processor. RAM is required for all computers and provides the processor with data packets of the required size.

Hard Disk

This is a hardware device that stores all software and personal files, and most of all, the operating system. Without the hard disk, there would be no room for the operating system to work under Windows or Linux

The 4 core hardware components listed above are required for any computer and have a computer. You can now move on to the software and this is a report.

Software on a PC

The software allows you to operate any device, whether your computer or any other device is an electronic device. In the case of a computer, the operating system is the main bite of the software in any case. The operating system allows the user to interact with the computer and provide guidance to the computer. The hardware can not exist without software and no hardware software would work without it. Windows and Linux are the two operating system software available on the market that are the most popular and popular consumers. Like the pc system itself, the operating system is software that is made of various software components to work effectively, of course the difference is that the software code and the hardware are physical.

things are written down as I understand that you know that the combination of software and hardware allows the computer to work the way it is. You will find the principles that I have discussed in this article on any other electronic device. Devices such as televisions, dvd players, mp3 players and others are basically the same


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