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Basic knowledge of computer software and hardware

Computer software enables people to do everything they need in their daily activities. A more complex definition of a computer software; The software is a program that allows a computer to perform a specific task, in contrast to the physical components of the system. The physical components of the system that I spoke of in the last post is the actual hardware that a person can physically touch.

The most common software that people know about is the operating system. The operating system is a system software that allows other software you choose to run properly. The operating system is the middle man who interacts between hardware and other software. The software you are installing needs to be downloaded to a hard disk or memory RAM. After the software has loaded one of the two data platforms, the computer can execute the software

People have many different software programs that allow them to perform many different tasks. For example, Microsoft Word allows you to enter papers and create templates. This is a kind of software that you should give because it allows you to download more complex tasks on a site instead of going to different locations. This is what people did during the day and it is fun to see that the software is constantly transforming the tech world today. The software allows us to make things easier to complete and is now available in many technologies, not just computers.

Computers are not just hardware devices, but this is what you discuss today. There are many different types of computer hardware, all of which together with the hardware you use make up your entire work environment. Some of the more common hardware that people are familiar with with a CD-ROM drive that allows the computer to read the specific information on the CD and the much older hardware floppy disk drive allows people to simply have the same It's just like a CD, but it's less than enough. These two knew people better, because the two pieces of hardware that people are most affected.

Some other large hardware components include hard disk, memory (RAM), motherboard, power supply, and central processing unit. A hard drive is a non-volatile memory device that allows you to save information, regardless of whether the power is turned on. You can permanently save the information stored on your hard disk and restore it at any time. Memory, also known as RAM, also stores data permanently and temporarily. RAM works with most of the operating system software that I will talk later on. The motherboard connects all and allows communication of all hardware. The motherboard is the foundation of your computer and is a vital part of your computer's operation. The power supply is powered by the power supply and the CPU and other components, such as RAM.

Your computer contains more of these things, but these are the most important ones I felt you needed to know. Next time, we are talking about computer software.

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