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Basic computer hardware and software – how it works

In this modern computer age, it's important to understand at least basic computer hardware and software. Obviously, there is no need for complete and complete understanding of what makes the computer somewhere proud to seize some concepts. So let's look under the bonnet, huh?

First of all, our journey is the hardware side of things. Your computer consists of a number of different components, each of which must be functional to work properly. But here's the great thing about modern computers: you really do not have to know what those chips, resistors, etc. are doing. In fact, basic understanding of computer hardware can help solve the many problems that may arise. Computers are divided into several main components these days – some of which can be replaced without difficulty.

The first is the most important part of your computer – the motherboard. This is the "brain" of the computer. The motherboard has RAM (this is called "Random Access Memory"). These are long "sticks", which are essentially made up of two plastic clips. If you are experiencing computer problems, you can try replacing these modules with new units to make sure it resolves things. Or if you want the new PC to run just a little faster, you can add more RAM to your computer.

There is also a video card attached to the motherboard – this tool that manages the complex mathematical calculations needed to create 3D environments in computer games. In general, however, if you are not a player, you do not have to worry about it.

Another big hardware component is the hard drive – that's what stores all the words in a document, program, and so on. Upgrading or replacing a device or adding an add-on can store multiple files.

We can now draw your attention to the software page of things. Some basic software that you should consider installing, an office suite (such as MS Office or free that allows you to create professional text documents, Power Point presentations, and even track financial information (for example, budget).

Of course, another important software program is a web browser (which allows you to "surf" on the internet). If you have a Windows operating system, you must have Internet Explorer (pre-installed) or freely choose FireFox – another free web browser (which also works on Mac).

is a brief and sweet guide to basic computer hardware and software. This article is by no means the end of its journey! If you're still interested in the topics discussed in this article with a simple Google search (your favorite web browser!) Answer all questions.

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