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Backgammon Training Software – How to Get a Right Backgammon Player?

Reading backgammon scripts written by master players and managing many games is a great way to be a better backgammon player, but there is no quicker way to become an advanced player than using backgammon training software. The three most popular training programs are Medusa, Snowie and GNU Backgammon. The first two commercially available programs, while the third is free. Let's see what some people offer.

The jellyfish is a neural network based backgammon program that plays as well as the best human players if at the highest level of play. Two-time world champion Bill Robertie says "this is the strongest commercially available program recently". You can use Jellyfish's practical opponent, analyze past matches, or as a backgammon tutor to improve the game. Perhaps the most useful feature of this software is continuous commentary on all moves and cube decisions. This is a great way to help control the game and refine the game strategy.

Another commercial computer program that uses neural network technology is called Snowie. Developers believe that Snowie's newest version is stronger than the best human player. Like jellyfish, Snowie can give you advice on control games and cube decisions. You can also let Snowie analyze the matches and determine the error rate.

Both Medusa and Snowie are great programs and the players who use them become better players. However, they cost money. If you do not want to spend money on developing backgammon skills, you can consider a third program, GNU Backgammon.

GNU Backgammon is a free software that is based on the GNU operating system, which developers are currently playing at a championship bidding level and is gradually improving. You can play against GNU or use it to analyze games and matches. GNU has a tutorial that gives you tips on checker games and cube decisions. GNU Backgammon is a work in progress, so you have to be ready for any errors.

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