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Automation Benefits of Software Processes

Perhaps the most sensitive reason for automating software is to speed up the process and remove everyday, repetitive manual tasks. Software automation therefore saves time and resources, which means cost savings. There are plenty of examples here. But in this article, I would like to talk about other good reasons for software automation, in addition to the obvious benefits of saving time and money.

One of the implications of software automation is a better understanding of the software interface. One of the best ways to learn how to use the software product is to completely automate it. Testers and automation engineers are very familiar with the software interface, and they are better than those who wrote it. Developers know the algorithms better than anyone else, but it automates the person who knows the interfaces' inputs, outcomes, pitfalls, and oddities.

We all know how badly designed some Windows programs. And these days, imaginative hi-graphics and handy toolbar buttons make it easy for designers to forget about keyboard shortcuts and keyboard navigation. The most productive way for PCs is to forget the mouse and learn keyboard shortcuts. You can do things much quicker. Even the most experienced Windows users do not know half of the keyboard shortcuts in Windows. Tips for keyboard navigation in Windows;en-us;301583

Knowledge of these shortcuts facilitates automation and more reliable. Automating the application by sending mouse clicks and mouse clicks is unreliable and depends on the screen resolution never changing. Although you can use relative mouse coordinates, sooner or later something will change and clicking the button was not where the script was created.

Automation / Test Engineer identifies keyboard shortcuts and finds the simplest and most reliable application mode. People who automate their applications on a regular basis are familiar with the different ways to migrate between Windows and Windows applications. Automated software testing can help diagnose problems on the surface in the automated test process even before running the test script. Creating an application automation routine helps you find missing or repetitive shortcuts and other objects that the keyboard can not control.

Automation script developers spend as much time on the software as they often know more than "power users". Testers also have a great advantage to try out the unusual scenarios that developers are trying to experiment with too busy. They can break things!

So it goes in both directions. Get familiar with the Windows keyboard shortcuts and hot keys for the application, which you can create scripts and create a better script. Create an application with good keyboard support and make the app easier to automate. If it's easy to be easy to handle!

Software Automation can result in better documentation. Automation scripts are the ultimate way of documenting the process. The process automation script describes how to perform properly. Businesses need to document all their manual processes so other people can do the job. By writing this process, it is described at the same time. In addition to saving time with automation, it is easy to see someone else in the process.

Finally, one of the important advantages of software automation is standby planning. The contingency comes with the documentation. If only one person knows how to perform a job, there are problems when and when they are sick, vacation or leaving the company. Not everything is missing. By documenting the process, the business ensures that someone else can do that that the regular job owner is unavailable.

Automation continues this step. If the process is scripted and automated, someone else can easily take on the task in the future. The task continues to run, and the script itself describes how the task works.

Therefore, automating the software process not only gives businesses time and human resources but can also improve documentation and unexpected events; assists in software development and testing, and helps in creating better user interfaces.

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